Manifest Global recognizes the challenges facing our medical communities as we are faced to do more with less in the ever changing medical information technology age.  As such, our Tele-Medicine professionals are poised to support the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, State and Local communities in implementing Tele-Medicine solutions geared at expanding the reach and delivery of medical care; leveraging technology to provide medical services in underserved or to areas outside the traditional medical environment in the most cost conscious and efficient manner.

Our Tele-Medicine Professionals regularly engage with the following entities to identify, develop and deploy enterprise-wide solutions to help expand the reach of targeted healthcare solutions:


United States Air Force:

  • Air Force Medical Support Agency – AFMSA

  • Air Force Medical Operations Agency – AFMOA

  • Air Force Surgeon General's Office

  • Air Force Telehealth and Enterprise Imaging Branch


Defense Agencies:

  • Defense Health Agency (DHA)

  • Military Health System (MHS)

  • MHS Cyber Infrastructure Service


United States Army:

  • Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center – TATRC

  • U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center – USAMITC

  • Office of the Surgeon General – Army (OTSG)


Department of Veteran Affairs:

  • VA Telehealth Office -Washington, DC

  • Office of Information and Technology


Our Tele-Medicine experience is reflected in our day to day engagement in the following functional areas:

  • Enterprise Image Sharing For eConsultation initiatives:






  • Virtual Reality (VR) Technology – to include phobias and addictions in addition to exposure therapy to treat post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)

  • Tele-Specialty Initiatives – Remote Home Monitoring, Medical Nutrition and Wellness, Podiatry, Virtual Intensive Care Unit (ICU) & Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) & Genetics

  • Tele-Behavioral Health – leveraging desktop and video conferencing technology to perform (provided to provider) &(provider to patient) consultations